helpers Directory Reference


file  sopc_array.h [code]
 A generic array implementation.
file  sopc_assert.h [code]
 Redirection of code assertions depending on user needs. Assert provides one of the following indirection for the assertion "SOPC_ASSERT" macro, depending on build flags:
file  sopc_async_queue.h [code]
 An asynchronous and thread-safe queue implementation.
file  sopc_buffer.h [code]
 A buffer of bytes with a maximum size, length and position.
file  sopc_dict.h [code]
 A dictionary implementation.
file  sopc_enums.h [code]
file  sopc_event_handler.h [code]
file  sopc_event_timer_manager.h [code]
 An event timer manager which allow to associate an event to enqueue in an event dispatcher manager on timer expiration.
file  sopc_hash.h [code]
 Implementations of some hash functions.
file  sopc_helper_encode.h [code]
file  sopc_helper_endianness_cfg.h [code]
 Evaluates and records the endianness configuration of the current machine.
file  sopc_helper_string.h [code]
file  sopc_helper_uri.h [code]
file  sopc_log_manager.h [code]
 A log manager providing circular logging, multiple logging categories and levels with thread-safe accesses.
file  sopc_logger.h [code]
 Specialized logger for the Toolkit.
file  sopc_macros.h [code]
 Macros used by S2OPC.
file  sopc_numeric_range.h [code]
file  sopc_singly_linked_list.h [code]
 A singly linked list based on elements with unique identifiers and dynamically allocated.
file  sopc_time.h [code]
file  sopc_version.h [code]