Data Fields
SOPC_AsymmetricKey Struct Reference

The asymmetric key representation. More...

#include <key_manager_lib.h>

Data Fields

mbedtls_pk_context pk
bool isBorrowedFromCert

Detailed Description

The asymmetric key representation.

It should be treated as an abstract handle. The asymmetric key structure is mainly lib-specific. Its content can be enriched for future uses.

Field Documentation

◆ pk

mbedtls_pk_context SOPC_AsymmetricKey::pk

The context of the key, mbedtls_ specific

◆ isBorrowedFromCert

bool SOPC_AsymmetricKey::isBorrowedFromCert

Says whether the context is borrowed from a context or not. In the latter case, the context must be mbedtls_freed

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