Data Fields
SOPC_Buffer Struct Reference

Bytes buffer structure. More...

#include <sopc_buffer.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t initial_size
uint32_t current_size
uint32_t maximum_size
uint32_t position
uint32_t length
uint8_t * data

Detailed Description

Bytes buffer structure.

Field Documentation

◆ initial_size

uint32_t SOPC_Buffer::initial_size

initial size (also used as size increment step)

◆ current_size

uint32_t SOPC_Buffer::current_size

current size

◆ maximum_size

uint32_t SOPC_Buffer::maximum_size

maximum size

◆ position

uint32_t SOPC_Buffer::position

read/write position

◆ length

uint32_t SOPC_Buffer::length

data length

◆ data

uint8_t* SOPC_Buffer::data

data bytes

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