Data Fields
SOPC_CRLList Struct Reference

A list of Certificate Revocation Lists. More...

#include <key_manager_cyclone.h>

Data Fields

X509CrlInfo crl
mbedtls_x509_crl crl

Detailed Description

A list of Certificate Revocation Lists.

It should be treated as an abstract handle. The revocation list structure is mainly lib-specific. mbedtls revocation lists are chained.

Usually, this structure is a list of known revocation lists for the trusted certificates. Each revocation list in the list is associated to one certificate authority in the trusted certificate chain.

Field Documentation

◆ crl [1/2]

X509CrlInfo SOPC_CRLList::crl

◆ raw

SOPC_Buffer* SOPC_CRLList::raw

◆ next

SOPC_CRLList* SOPC_CRLList::next

◆ crl [2/2]

mbedtls_x509_crl SOPC_CRLList::crl

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