Data Fields
SOPC_ClientHelper_ReadValue Struct Reference

Structure defining a node, an attribute. More...

#include <libs2opc_client_cmds.h>

Data Fields

const char * nodeId
uint32_t attributeId
const char * indexRange

Detailed Description

Structure defining a node, an attribute.

This function is deprecated since version 1.5.0 and will be removed in version 1.6.0.

Field Documentation

◆ nodeId


NodeId of the Node that contains the attribute to read. zero-terminated string

◆ attributeId


AttributeId of the Node that contains the value to read. 0 is not valid. All possible OPC UA attribute ids can be found in the header file sopc_builtintypes.h SOPC_AttributeId Ids of attributes are defined in Part 6.

◆ indexRange


Used only if the attribute 'Value' is an array. Otherwise, it should be NULL. Index of a single value or range of value in the array. See NumericRange defined in the OPC UA Reference, Part 4 Chapter 7.

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