Data Fields
SOPC_Client_Config Struct Reference

OPC UA client configuration structure. More...

#include <sopc_user_app_itf.h>

Data Fields

OpcUa_ApplicationDescription clientDescription
bool freeCstringsFlag
char ** clientLocaleIds
bool isConfigFromPathsNeeded
uint16_t nbSecureConnections
SOPC_SecureConnection_ConfigsecureConnections [SOPC_MAX_CLIENT_SECURE_CONNECTIONS_CONFIG]
uint16_t nbReverseEndpointURLs

Detailed Description

OPC UA client configuration structure.

Field Documentation

◆ clientDescription

OpcUa_ApplicationDescription SOPC_Client_Config::clientDescription

Application description of the client.

: The ApplicationURI is automatically extracted from certificate when the client certificate is used. If no certificate used or URI extraction failed, the ApplicationURI of clientDescription is used.

◆ freeCstringsFlag

bool SOPC_Client_Config::freeCstringsFlag

A flag to indicate if the following C strings contained in the client configuration shall be freed

◆ clientLocaleIds

char** SOPC_Client_Config::clientLocaleIds

An array of locale ids preferred by the client terminated by a NULL pointer. It might be NULL if there are no preferred locale ids. The array of locale ids indicates priority order for localized strings. The first LocaleId in the array has the highest priority.

◆ isConfigFromPathsNeeded

bool SOPC_Client_Config::isConfigFromPathsNeeded

True if the following field shall be treated to configure the client

◆ configFromPaths

SOPC_Client_ConfigFromPaths* SOPC_Client_Config::configFromPaths

The paths configuration to use for PKI and client certificate and key if if isConfigFromPathsNeeded is true. NULL otherwise. (used to configure clientCertificate, clientKey and clientPKI)

◆ clientKeyCertPair

SOPC_KeyCertPair* SOPC_Client_Config::clientKeyCertPair

Key and certificate might be set from paths or bytes arrays

◆ clientPKI

SOPC_PKIProvider* SOPC_Client_Config::clientPKI

PKI might be set from paths or bytes arrays

◆ nbSecureConnections

uint16_t SOPC_Client_Config::nbSecureConnections

Number of secure connections defined by the client

◆ secureConnections

Secure connection configuration array. Indexes [0;nbSecureConnections[ shall contain non-null configuration.

◆ nbReverseEndpointURLs

uint16_t SOPC_Client_Config::nbReverseEndpointURLs

◆ reverseEndpointURLs


Reverse endpoint URLs array. Maximum 1 per secure connection config.

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