Data Fields
SOPC_Endpoint_Config Struct Reference

Server configuration of a Endpoint connection listener. More...

#include <sopc_user_app_itf.h>

Data Fields

char * endpointURL
bool hasDiscoveryEndpoint
uint8_t nbSecuConfigs
SOPC_SecurityPolicy secuConfigurations [SOPC_MAX_SECU_POLICIES_CFG]
bool noListening
uint16_t nbClientsToConnect
SOPC_Server_ClientToConnect clientsToConnect [SOPC_MAX_REVERSE_CLIENT_CONNECTIONS]

Detailed Description

Server configuration of a Endpoint connection listener.

Field Documentation

◆ serverConfigPtr

SOPC_Server_Config* SOPC_Endpoint_Config::serverConfigPtr

Pointer to the server configuration containing this endpoint

◆ endpointURL

char* SOPC_Endpoint_Config::endpointURL

Endpoint URL: opc.tcp://IP-HOSTNAME:PORT(/NAME)

◆ hasDiscoveryEndpoint

bool SOPC_Endpoint_Config::hasDiscoveryEndpoint

Implicit discovery endpoint with same endpoint URL is added if necessary when set

◆ nbSecuConfigs

uint8_t SOPC_Endpoint_Config::nbSecuConfigs

Number of security configuration (<= SOPC_MAX_SECU_POLICIES_CFG)

◆ secuConfigurations

SOPC_SecurityPolicy SOPC_Endpoint_Config::secuConfigurations[SOPC_MAX_SECU_POLICIES_CFG]

Security policies defined for the current endpoint URL. An implicit discovery endpoint will be defined with this URL if SecurityPolicy None is not present. Otherwise the discovery endpoint and session endpoint are the same for this endpoint URL.

◆ noListening

bool SOPC_Endpoint_Config::noListening

If Flag is set, the server does not listen connection initiated by clients

◆ nbClientsToConnect

uint16_t SOPC_Endpoint_Config::nbClientsToConnect

Number of clients to connect using reverse connection mechanism

◆ clientsToConnect

SOPC_Server_ClientToConnect SOPC_Endpoint_Config::clientsToConnect[SOPC_MAX_REVERSE_CLIENT_CONNECTIONS]

Array of configuration for reverse connection to clients

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