Data Fields
SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config Struct Reference

#include <sopc_crypto_profiles.h>

Data Fields

const char * uri
const bool isInvalid
const char * name
const SOPC_CryptoProfileprofile
const SOPC_CryptoProfile_PubSubpsProfile
uint8_t secuPolicyWeight
uint32_t symmLen_CryptoKey
uint32_t symmLen_SignKey
uint32_t symmLen_Signature
uint32_t symmLen_Block
uint32_t symmLen_KeyNonce
uint32_t symmLen_MessageRandom
uint32_t asymLen_OAEP_Hash
uint32_t asymLen_KeyMinBits
uint32_t asymLen_KeyMaxBits
uint32_t secureChannelNonceLength
uint32_t certLen_Thumbprint
const char * URI_SignAlgo

Field Documentation

◆ uri

const char* SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::uri

◆ isInvalid

const bool SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::isInvalid

True for "Invalid" configuration (SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Invalid_ID)

◆ name

const char* SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::name

A human-readable short name

◆ profile

const SOPC_CryptoProfile* SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::profile

◆ psProfile

const SOPC_CryptoProfile_PubSub* SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::psProfile

◆ secuPolicyWeight

uint8_t SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::secuPolicyWeight

0 = less secure

◆ symmLen_CryptoKey

uint32_t SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::symmLen_CryptoKey

Length (Bytes) of symmetric signature encryption key. O if not supported.

◆ symmLen_SignKey

uint32_t SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::symmLen_SignKey

Length (Bytes) of symmetric signature signing key. O if not supported.

◆ symmLen_Signature

uint32_t SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::symmLen_Signature

Length (Bytes) of symmetric signature. O if not supported.

◆ symmLen_Block

uint32_t SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::symmLen_Block

Length (Bytes) of blocs for symmetric encryption. O if not supported.

◆ symmLen_KeyNonce

uint32_t SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::symmLen_KeyNonce

Length (Bytes) of Nonce for symmetric key. 0 if not supported

◆ symmLen_MessageRandom

uint32_t SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::symmLen_MessageRandom

Length (Bytes) of Random message for symmetric key. 0 if not supported

◆ asymLen_OAEP_Hash

uint32_t SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::asymLen_OAEP_Hash

Length (Bytes) of asymmetric OAEP Hash

◆ asymLen_KeyMinBits

uint32_t SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::asymLen_KeyMinBits

Minimum length (Bytes) of asymmetric keys. 0 if unused

◆ asymLen_KeyMaxBits

uint32_t SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::asymLen_KeyMaxBits

Maximum length (Bytes) of asymmetric keys. 0 if unused

◆ secureChannelNonceLength

uint32_t SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::secureChannelNonceLength

Length (Bytes) of Nonce for Secure Channel. 0 if not supported

◆ certLen_Thumbprint

uint32_t SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::certLen_Thumbprint

Length (Bytes) of Thumbprint

◆ URI_SignAlgo

const char* SOPC_SecurityPolicy_Config::URI_SignAlgo

URI if Signature algorithm

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