Data Fields
SOPC_Server_Config Struct Reference

OPC UA server configuration structure. More...

#include <sopc_user_app_itf.h>

Data Fields

bool freeCstringsFlag
char ** namespaces
char ** localeIds
OpcUa_ApplicationDescription serverDescription
char * serverCertPath
char * serverKeyPath
bool serverKeyEncrypted
char * serverPkiPath
uint8_t nbEndpoints

Detailed Description

OPC UA server configuration structure.

Field Documentation

◆ freeCstringsFlag

bool SOPC_Server_Config::freeCstringsFlag

A flag to indicate if the C strings contained in the server configuration (and endpoints) shall be freed

◆ namespaces

char** SOPC_Server_Config::namespaces

An array of namespaces terminated by a NULL pointer. Index in array is the namespace index.

◆ localeIds

char** SOPC_Server_Config::localeIds

An array of locale ids supported by the server terminated by a NULL pointer. The OpcUa_ApplicationDescription ApplicationName shall contains a definition for each supported locale (use SOPC_LocalizedText_AddOrSetLocalizedText to add them manually)

◆ serverDescription

OpcUa_ApplicationDescription SOPC_Server_Config::serverDescription

Application description of the server. Limitations: the gateway and discovery properties are ignored (each endpoint returns its URL as discovery URL)

◆ serverCertPath

char* SOPC_Server_Config::serverCertPath

Temporary path to the server certificate (serverCertificate shall be instantiated by applicative code)

◆ serverKeyPath

char* SOPC_Server_Config::serverKeyPath

Temporary path to the server key (serverCertificate shall be instantiated by applicative code)

◆ serverKeyEncrypted

bool SOPC_Server_Config::serverKeyEncrypted

Boolean to indicate if the private key is encrypted

◆ serverPkiPath

char* SOPC_Server_Config::serverPkiPath

Temporary path to the server public key infrastructure

◆ nbEndpoints

uint8_t SOPC_Server_Config::nbEndpoints

Number of endpoints defined by the server

◆ endpoints

SOPC_Endpoint_Config* SOPC_Server_Config::endpoints

Endpoint configuration array

◆ serverKeyCertPair

SOPC_KeyCertPair* SOPC_Server_Config::serverKeyCertPair

Server key and certificate to be instantiated from path or bytes

◆ pki

SOPC_PKIProvider* SOPC_Server_Config::pki

PKI provider to be instantiated. Possible use of SOPC_PKIProvider_CreateFromStore or SOPC_PKIProvider_CreateFromList.

◆ mcm

SOPC_MethodCallManager* SOPC_Server_Config::mcm

Method Call service configuration. Can be instantiated with SOPC_MethodCallManager_Create() or specific code by applicative code. Can be NULL if Method Call service is not used.

◆ nodeAvailFunc

SOPC_CreateMI_NodeAvailFunc* SOPC_Server_Config::nodeAvailFunc

If defined, the callback is called by CreateMonitoredItem service when NodeId is not already part of server AddressSpace. The callback indicates if it should be considered known by server (and might exist later). See SOPC_CreateMI_NodeAvailFunc for details.

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