client_wrapper Directory Reference


file  libs2opc_client.h [code]
 Interface of an example client library supporting the subscription management.
file  libs2opc_client_cmds.h [code]
 Interface of a library supporting the subscription management, read/write operation and browse.
file  libs2opc_client_cmds_internal_api.h [code]
 Internal interface of a client library, used for testing purpose.
file  libs2opc_client_common.h [code]
 Common internal interface for different client libraries.
file  libs2opc_client_config.h [code]
 High level interface to configure an OPC UA client.
file  libs2opc_client_internal.h [code]
 Internal module used to manage the wrapper for client config. It should not be used outside of the client wraper implementation.
file  pki_permissive.h [code]
 This PKIProvider does not verify certificates.
file  state_machine.h [code]
 The state machine of the subscribing client.
file  toolkit_helpers.h [code]
 Helpers for the Toolkit API.
file  translate_wrapper.h [code]