configuration Directory Reference


file  sopc_call_method_manager.h [code]
 Contains the types to be used by the method call manager to configure the Call service.
file  sopc_config_constants_check.h [code]
file  sopc_service_call_context.h [code]
 Defines abstract context type that can be use to obtain context associated to a service call (write, callmethod, etc.)
file  sopc_toolkit_build_info.h [code]
file  sopc_toolkit_config.h [code]
 This module shall be used to initialize, configure and clear/terminate the toolkit execution.
file  sopc_toolkit_config_constants.h [code]
 Contains the configuration constants used by the Tookit. Those constants could be modified for specific use.
file  sopc_toolkit_config_internal.h [code]
 Toolkit internal use only: access to the shared configuration of the Toolkit and tools for interaction with user application.
file  sopc_user.h [code]
 Defines the logged-in (server-side) user.
file  sopc_user_manager.h [code]
 Defines the user manager, the applicative interface used to authenticate users, and authorize read/write operations in the address space.
file  sopc_user_manager_internal.h [code]
 Internal header for SOPC_UserWithAuthorization. Used to shadow its content.