Data Fields
SOPC_SecureChannel_Config Struct Reference

Client configuration of a Secure Channel. More...

#include <sopc_user_app_itf.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t isClientSc
const SOPC_Client_ConfigclientConfigPtr
const OpcUa_GetEndpointsResponseexpectedEndpoints
const char * serverUri
const char * url
const char * reqSecuPolicyUri
uint32_t requestedLifetime
OpcUa_MessageSecurityMode msgSecurityMode
uintptr_t internalProtocolData

Detailed Description

Client configuration of a Secure Channel.

Field Documentation

◆ isClientSc

uint8_t SOPC_SecureChannel_Config::isClientSc

Flag to indicate if this secure channel configuration is on client side. It shall always be true if not created internally.

◆ clientConfigPtr

const SOPC_Client_Config* SOPC_SecureChannel_Config::clientConfigPtr

Pointer to the client configuration containing this secure channel. It should be defined to provide client application information (locales, description, etc.) for session establishment.

◆ expectedEndpoints

const OpcUa_GetEndpointsResponse* SOPC_SecureChannel_Config::expectedEndpoints

Response returned by prior call to GetEndpoints service and checked to be the same during session establishment, NULL otherwise (no verification will be done).

◆ serverUri

const char* SOPC_SecureChannel_Config::serverUri

This value shall only be specified if the server is accessed through a gateway server. In this case this value is the applicationUri for the underlying Server. This value might be specified for reverse connection in order to be verified on ReverseHello reception.

◆ url

const char* SOPC_SecureChannel_Config::url

The endpoint URL used for connection. It shall always be defined.

◆ peerAppCert

SOPC_CertHolder* SOPC_SecureChannel_Config::peerAppCert

Peer application certificate: isClientSc => serverCertificate (configuration data) !isClientSc => clientCertificate (runtime data)

◆ reqSecuPolicyUri

const char* SOPC_SecureChannel_Config::reqSecuPolicyUri

Requested Security Policy URI

◆ requestedLifetime

uint32_t SOPC_SecureChannel_Config::requestedLifetime

Requested Secure channel lifetime

◆ msgSecurityMode

OpcUa_MessageSecurityMode SOPC_SecureChannel_Config::msgSecurityMode

Requested Security Mode

◆ internalProtocolData

uintptr_t SOPC_SecureChannel_Config::internalProtocolData

Internal use only: used to store internal protocol data (set only during connecting phase)

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